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Saijojo – Salon Products



Saijojo (pronounced "sigh-joe-joe") is one of the five types of Zen. It means "great and perfect practice" and is the expression of life in its purest, most natural form, and the realization of true nature.

By using naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients, and the mildest ingredients, Saijojo hair products reflect this peaceful, healthful philosophy.



is to inspire stylists and their clients to add a little Zen to their lives. We hope that our products will help them take responsibility for the harmful fumes produced in salons (and in homes) - and encourage them to use healthier, more eco-friendly styling options.
After all, true beauty is natural.






Saijojo is the brainchild of celebrity hairstylist Mario Verrilli, who struggled with sensitivities to the airborne chemicals in his salon and on set during photo sessions. He then set out to create a line of milder, more natural styling products that would be easier on hair, on the scalp, and on the environment.

After years of testing with several hairstylists, they discovered that natural polymers derived from corn starch would work as well as traditional polymers (plastics) as a holding agent. A breakthrough product - and a revolution in healthy haircare - was born.


Good for Your Hair... Even Better for the Earth

What are you putting in your body?
A recent analysis by the Environmental Working Group showed that a whopping 89% of the 10,000+ ingredients used in personal care products have not been evaluated for safety. Most styling products use petrochemically-derived (plastic!) holding agents, which get sprayed into the air, rinsed off into our water supply, and inhaled into our lungs every day.

Wouldn't You Rather User Something that Holds Your Hair - Without Destroying the Planet

Saijojo products offer a safe, naturally-derived, biodegradable alternative that cleans and holds hair – without the toxic side-effects. We minimize the use of synthetic chemicals, and never use artificial fragrance or FD&C dyes - only natural colorants.
It's a breakthrough discovery that enhances the texture of any hairstyle, is kind to our scalps, and protects our waterways and the air we breathe.
Saijojo. It's an alternative that makes sense.
Our eco-friendly products contain only the safest ingredients without compromising performance
Absolutely nothing to hide


Just take a look at the ingredients. Saijojo ingredients are good for you, good for your hair - and definitely good for the planet. They're biodegradable and loaded with the nutrients your hair needs to stay healthy, shiny and manageable.

Bio Polymers

This biologically-produced alternative to petroleum-based synthetic plastics is the reason we can say saijojo products are truly natural. No other styling product uses them. Our polymers are derived from corn starch and natural gums, and although they are similar to synthetic plastics in terms of hold, they are non-toxic, biodegradable, and are made from natural, renewable resources

Camellia Seed Oil

A well-kept Japanese beauty secret, this natural plant oil is a centuries-old hair smoothing and conditioning agent used to achieve polished geisha and samurai styles. This natural plant oil contains antioxidants that revitalize and rejuvenate hair, and is very effective for treating colour and perm damaged hair. Studies have shown that under microscopic inspection, damaged hair cuticles treated with camellia seed oil have a noticeably smoother appearance.

Flexseed Oil

Also known as linseed oil, this is nature's best source of omega-3 fatty acids and alinolenic acid, which stimulate cell regeneration, soften the scalp, and act as healing agents.

B & E Vitamins

Vitamins B5 and B12 strengthen and protect hair from breakage and damage, and can help prevent hair loss. Vitamin E improves scalp circulation and has a moisturizing effect. The combined effect? Healthy, lustrous hair.

Essential Oils

These liquids are extracted from natural and organic sources and help soothe the scalp, promote hair growth, and add body and manageability. Unlike synthetic fragrances, which can be toxic, they are completely natural and have a number of health benefits, and even help promote emotional and spiritual healing.